Quadrillion Finance Private Limited

About Us

Established in the year 2018 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Garagepreneurs Internet Private Limited, Quadrillion Finance Private Limited is a Type -II NBFC-ND, engaged in the business of providing credit to unserved young customers in India through efficient usage of technology and lean physical processes for low-cost risk management.

How it works

The company has played an instrumental role in organising funds for individuals and proprietors across India, especially in the unsecured loan segment. In Principle, QFPL strongly believes in aiding individuals, early entrepreneurs & SME businesses leverage the credit- power through a smooth hassle-free business process. In this regard, QFPL has tied-up with tech-based sourcing institutions which provide easy access to a variety of credit-products through App-based digital interfaces.


Our vision is to enable access to credit to all segments across India, by providing best-in-class financial services through resilient infrastructure and ethics driven governance.


QFPL aims to become a multi-product, multi-region financial service providing NBFC and play a pivotal role in India’s financial inclusion mission, by aiding individuals, early entrepreneurs & SME businesses leverage the credit power through a smooth, hassle-free business process.


  • Security – Best in class technology infrastructure to ensure that the products and services offered are not only seamless, but also secured to ensure customer’s continued trust.
  • Independence – We are committed to improving financial independence of our users and believe that this can be achieved through user education and transparency, which are at the forefront of our business.
  • Integrity – We see compliance as a continuous process and a commitment towards values and ethical business conduct. We operate within regulatory confines and upto the expectations of the regulator.
  • Innovation – We are sensitive to the needs of our customers and obsess over providing them with state-of-the-art services. We believe in simplicity and stunning, easily comprehensible product features.

Composition of Board

Mrs. Mahima Garg, Executive Director

Mr. Sudhesh Chandrasekar, Whole Time Director

Mr. Ramadoss Krishnan, Independent Director

Mr. Samit Shankar Shetty, Independent Director

Risk Management Committee:

Sudhesh Chandrasekar – Chairperson

Samit Shankar Shetty – Member

Mahima Garg – Member

Ramadoss Krishnan – Member

IT Strategy Committee:

Samit Shankar Shetty – Chairperson

Srirang Ranjalkar (CIO) – Member

Ramadoss Krishana – Member

Upendra Kumar (CTO) – Member

Audit Committee:

Ramadoss Krishnan – Chairperson

Sudhesh Chandrasekar – Member

Samit Shankara Shetty – Member

Asset Liability Committee:

Sudhesh Chandrasekar – Chairperson

Priyanka Tiwari – Member

Aditya Shetty – Member

Finance Committee:

Mahima Garg – Member

Sudhesh Chandrasekar – Member

Corporate Social Responsibility Committee:

Ramadoss Krishnan – Chairperson

Sudhesh Chandrasekar – Member

Samit Shankar Shetty – Member

Nomination and Remuneration Committee:

Ramadoss Krishnan – Chairperson

Samit Shankar Shetty – Member